PowerShell (En progreso) Linux
Type Description Command  Example Result Command Example Result
General Logoff shutdown shutdown -l   reboot reboot  
Restart shutdown shutdown -r   logout logout  
Shutdown shutdown shutdown -s   poweroff poweroff  
Show user echo %USERNAME% echo %USERNAME% user echo echo $USER user
Install application       apt-get
sudo apt-get install ${package}
yum install ${package}
Remove application       apt-get
apt-get remove ${package}
yum remove ${package}
Zip/unzip current folder zip
zip -r file.zip folder
zip file.zip file
unzip -l file.zip
  unzip sudo apt-get install zip unzip
zip -r files.zip folder
zip files.zip file1 file2 file3
unzip /path/to/file.zip
Connect ssh You need putty client plink user@ -P 33   ssh ssh user@  -p 33  
List mounted devices net use net use   findmnt findmnt -lo source,target,fstype,label,options -t ext4  
Mount Remote net use net use \\Server\ShareFolder   mount mount /mnt/nfs/home  
Show network info ipconfig ipconfig /all Windows IP Configuration
   Host Name
   DNS Suffix Search List
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
   Physical Address
   IPv4 Address
   Subnet Mask
ifconfig ifconfig eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
          inet6 addr: 
eth1      Link encap:Local  Hwaddr
Execute script   test.cmd   ./ ./test.sh  
History F7 F7 0: dir
1: cd ..
2: quser
history history   1  ls
  2  cd ..
  3  pwd
Go to previous command ↑ or F8 F8 or â†‘   ↑ ↑  
Search for commands       CTRL+R CTRL+and type the command  
Clears screen cls cls   clear clear  
Closes shell prompt exit     exit exit  
Displays or sets date date     date date  
Displays command help command /? dir /?   info man command  
Displays command help 2 help command help dir   man info command  
Autocompletion TAB TAB   TAB TAB  
Uptime and logged user quser C:\Users\user\Desktop>quser USERNAME;SESSIONNAME;ID;
4/5/2016;8:48 AM
uptime uptime 06:18:56 up 75 days, 17:31,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
Files &
Show current folder cd cd C:\Users\user pwd pwd /home/user
Show current folder 2 chdir chdir C:\Users\user echo echo $PWD /home/user
Create file copy . file1.txt     touch touch file.txt  
Create file echo. 2>file2.txt     cat cat > myfile.txt  
Renames a file ren ren file1.txt file2.txt   mv mv tfileold.txt filenew.txt  
Copies files copy copy file1.txt C:/foldercopy   cp cp file.txt /home/foldercopy  
Moves files move move file1.txt C:/newfolder   mv mv file.txt /home/newfolder  
Lists files dir     ls ls  
Collect file names dir dir "C:\" >FilesC.txt /b /o file1
find find /home -name '*' /home/file1
Deletes files del del deleteme.txt   rm rm deleteme.txt  
Deletes folder rmdir rmdir /S deleteme   rm -r rm -r deleteme  
"Echoes" output to the screen echo     echo echo this message  
Delete file content type
type nul > file.txt
  cat > file.txt
cat /dev/null > file.txt
Compares the contents of files fc fc file1.txt  file2.txt Comparing files file1.txt and file2.txt
***** file1.txt
***** file2.txt
diff diff file1.txt file2.txt  
Finds a string of text in a file find find "test" 123.txt ---------- 123.TXT
grep grep test file1.txt test line
Displays help command /? dir /?   info man command  
Displays help 2 help command help dir   man info command  
Creates a folder mkdir mkdir newfolder   mkdir mkdir directory  
View file content more more file1.txt   less less file1.txt  
View file content 2 type type file1.txt   tail tail -n 15 file1.txt  
View file content 3  cat  cat file.txt   cat cat file.txt
Edit file edit edit  file1.txt   vi
vi file.txt
nano  file.txt
gedit  file.txt
Edit file 2 echo echo mensaje > mifichero.txt   echo  echo mensaje > mifichero.txt  
Changes directories with a specified path (absolute path) cd cd C:/   cd cd /directory/directory  
Go one folder cd cd ..   cd cd ..  
Search for a file dir dir /s *test* 07/31/2010  02:30 AM               301 test.png
               1 File(s)            301 bytes
find find / -name '*test*' /home/test.txt
Search for text files dir dir /b/s *.txt    find find / -name '*.txt'  
Change files extension to lower ren ren *.TXT *.txt   mv  for i in $( ls *.TXT ); do echo $i; mv $i  ${i%%.TXT}.txt; done  
Check files permissions       ls ls -l /home/user "-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  53 Mar 23  2015 /home/user"
Change Permissions       chmod chmod 755 file  
Changing ownership       chown chown user file  
Changing group ownership       chgrp chgrp group file  
Other Displays the date date date /T Wed 07/05/2017 date date '+%d %W %Y'
date '+%D'
05 27 2017
Displays the time time time /T 1:27 PM date date '+%X' 12:18:22 PM
Shows amount of RAM in use wmic wmic OS get FreePhysicalMemory /Value   free free  
Show disk space wmic wmic logicaldisk get size,freespace,caption   dh dh -f  
Show processes tasklist tasklist   top top  
Services Stop execution CTRL+C CTRL+C   CTRL+C CTRL+C  
Start service net net start [serviceName]   service sudo service [serviceName] start  
Stop service net net stop [serviceName]   service sudo service [serviceName] stop  
Start service 2 sc sc start [serviceName]   systemctl sudo systemctl start [serviceName]  
Stop service 2 sc sc stop [serviceName]   systemctl sudo systemctl stop [serviceName]  
Variables Display all variables set set USERNAME=user
printenv printenv HOME=/home/user
Display variable echo echo %USERNAME% user echo echo $HOME /home/user
Display variable 2 set set USERNAME USERNAME=user printenv printenv | grep HOME=/home/user
Set variable set set MYVAR=VALUE   export export MYVAR=/path/to/var  
Set variable permanent setx setx MYVAR VALUE   change profile vi ~/.bash_proflle
export MYVAR=/path/to/var