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Web Developer

Some projects I've been involved in:
Come to Coruna

Stack: NodeJS w/ Puppeteer, Axios, Cheerio, Handlebars, SQLite.

OpenAI API, Azure Image Recognition, Apify.

PHP w/ PicoCMS.

Website aimed at foreigners coming to A Coruña. It showcases some informational info, a calendar of events, and services aimed at this demographic.

What's interesting about this site, is that it scrapes events from plenty of sites using Puppeteer, handles the result with SQLite and Handlebars, and uploads the calendar to a static site.

But some events are only published in Instagram, and that poses many challenges.

So I decided to download the posts from instagram accounts, push the post image through image recognition / OCR (Azure API), then use a ChatGPT API with Function Calling to retrieve how many events there are in a given post, and its critical info (dates, title, etc).

I wouldn't say it's flawless, but I managed to get a 80% solution for very little money.

I'm quite happy with my Function Calling JSON definition, it works pretty well despite LLMs not being deterministic.

Github repo - Link to site

App Il Giusto

Stack: HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS.

In this project, I've got ~ 1 week to implement a Figma design into working templates. About three months to implement other complex logic.

I had no time so I jumped in what I already know: Vanilla CSS/Javascript.

I made: Components HTML, CSS and JS. Templates for every screen. Some complex/heavy logic, like a meal compositor with several screens, and a training page with moving cards, timers, etc.

This was a team a four people total.

Link to site

Code in private repo of website owners

Data Analyst

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tools / technologies

Programming languages
Javascript, Python, Java
Markup / Styling
HTML, CSS, Markdown
SQL, Knime

Want to learn
Express.js, Django, HTMX, Alpinejs, React
Transformers.js, Pytorch

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